Highclass Escortgirls is one of the most Exclusive Escort Agencies in Amsterdam. Highclass Escortgirls is officially licensed to offer escort services in the Netherlands.

Highclass Escortgirls Amsterdam is committed to be a professional High Class Escort Service agency offering 100% hygiene, discretion and quality.

In the Netherlands prostitution is considered as a legal profession.

In the Netherlands prostitution is considered as a legal profession. Since 2009 escort agencies in Amsterdam, like Hotel Escort Amsterdam, must be licensed to operate. They must meet strict requirements to obtain a license. If you’re looking at escort agencies on the Internet, check for the license number, which should appear on the first page, often at the bottom of the page. In this country unscrupulous agency operators are rare, but all the same, do not take anyone’s word for it that they’re licensed, look for the license number on their website or advertisement, and stick with those.

Hotel Escort Service in Amsterdam

Once you have figured out which escort girl you want to see, and only you know what you like, pick up the phone and make arrangements with our Highclass Escortgirls Service staff members. Don’t be nervous. The Highclass Escortgirls staff members has heard it all. Ask all of your questions now.

The price you pay for our escort services includes the stated length of time, normal safe sex (= with condom), massage, one orgasm each hour and taxi fee.

If you need extra services such as multiple orgasms, French kissing, oral without condom, anal or a trio, please inform us in advance because these services cost extra. Please make sure the escort girl you’re interested in will do everything that you wish to do.title-regulations

Everything goes very discrete

If you have specific needs or fetishes, the Hotel Escort Team will be able to tell you if the escort is into it. Be sure to discuss costs for extra-services, if desired, with our Highclass Escortgirls Team.

If you want to meet one of our stunning escort girls at your home, Hotel Escort Amsterdam will assure you that everything goes very discrete. Our escort driver will not stop in front of your home. The escort girl will walk straight to your home. If required, we will give you a call that your escort girl has arrived. Our escort driver will not park his car nearby your home but somewhere else.

High Class Escort Girl in your hotel room

If you want to meet our High Class Escort Girl in your hotel room, we will call you back on your hotel room to confirm your escort appointment. Our High Class Escort Girls visit you discreetly in your hotel room. Highclass Escortgirls maintains good relationships with hotels throughout the Netherlands. You can be assured that the hotel staff will handle discreetly the visit of our beautiful escort girls.

Escort girl arrives at your home or hotel room

When the escort girl arrives at your home or hotel room, she will first handle the financial part. Have your escort fee ready, in cash, when she arrives and make sure it’s displayed prominently on a table or shelf. Greet her when she arrives and then get the money business out of the way. Don’t ever let the escort have to ask for it, you do not want things to get off to an awkward start. Once the money issue is out of the way, our escort girl will call Highclass Escortgirls to let us know that she has arrived safely.

From that moment you can start enjoying your escort date!

It’s a certainty that your escort will provide her own condoms. Our High Class Hotel Escort Top Models are professionals and they take their health and safety more seriously than the average drunk woman who is just giving it away for free and picking up men in bars. You’ll probably wish to have a brief lets-get-acquainted chat with your escort. Perhaps you’ll offer her a drink. Your escort girl will know the right time to suggest the trip to the bedroom, or if you’re in one of those hotel rooms that consists only of a bed, she’ll suggest you both make yourselves comfortable. Once business is accomplished, she’ll more than likely wish to freshen up with a shower. Did you remember to have fresh towels available for her? We hope so.

Some tips to make your escort date to a success:

  • Make sure you’re fresh, shaved and clean. Take a shower and put on a nice smell
  • Drink no alcohol and take no drugs
  • Provide a comfortable room temperature and create a cosy atmosphere with music and drinks
  • Be courteous and respectful
  • Make your wishes or desires clearly in advance
  • Take your time during your escort date
  • Give your escort girl the opportunity to take a shower afterwards and offer her a fresh and clean towel.

If something awkward happens during your escort date?

If something awkward happens during your escort date, please get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can try to solve the problem. Escort business is all between people and every story has two sides that we certainly will hear. We suggest you to read carefully the profile details of our escort girls and to let us know your special requests so we could inform our escort girls about it. However, all our escort girls work independently and decide themselves whether they agree with your wishes. Any reasons why our escort girls will not meet your wishes could be of hygienic or personal reasons. Always respect our girls’ decision. Please don’t make a big issue of it because this can only harm your date.

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Firstly we would like to take the pleasure of thanking you for taking interest in our high class escort agency. We are a exclusive and discreet escorts Agency in Amsterdam catering for affluent and refined gentlemen who can afford the best, are accustomed to opulence and require the highest standard in personal service. Outcalls are accpeted all around Amsterdam at least  within 30 minutes drive. We can arrange outcalls with our escorts in any hotel, club or at your home.

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Our beautiful escort girls also can booked for social engagements, such as dinner, evening out and just companionship. Discretion, accurate descriptions, honesty, personal attention and respect is what our clients have come to know and expect we guarantee that our beautiful escort girls will provide you quality service and massages

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Amsterdam Highclass Escortgirls caters for the discerning client who is seeking the most exquisite escort girls around. As the Premier Amsterdam escort agency we aim to provide with a service that is second to none, a service which is entirely for the gentleman who is seeking to escape the usual and proceed to simply the best escort girls.

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